Loving Michael Kors…Handbags Are ADDICTIVE!

by admin on 05/20/2014

MK Bag

I took this snapshot of my Michael Kors handbag (that I absolutely adore) so that I could justify the many reasons why Michael Kors is the way to go for bags/pocketbooks. First off, I’m horribly disorganized when it comes down to purses and quite careless, but this particular bag maintains extremely well. As far as organization, the Michael Kors bag has made me a complete pro with fullness and depth of the inner pockets, great for smartphones, full wallets and makeup organizers that you can tuck away with no problem!  Here’s the plus — there’s room for more!

Along with its classy style, it’s very durable and reasonable in price for the quality of the bag which is very well made from the straps to the bottom, inside and out. If I was to recommend a bag for anyone, go Michael Kors. No disappointment here.

Mirika Cornelius, author/blogger -- mirikacornelius.com

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