Cosmetics Brand Fashion Fair Is Back & Bringing More Options For Black Skin Tones

The cosmetics brand Fashion Fair is back! But wait…what happened to Fashion Fair? Let’s begin with the bankruptcy of Johnson Publishing who owned it all. Fashion Fair used to supply Black women all around in many department stores with the makeup they needed for their skin tones.

Well, since they’ve been gone, many branched out to find new brands for Black skin tones. It has become a multi-million dollar business, with the proof in Rihanna who has a billion dollar empire with much of that thanks to her Fenty cosmetics line.

When Fashion Fair relaunches in September 2021, it’s not as competition other Black-owned brand on the market. That’s nonsense because that train of thought is completely decades ago. Think of it as the cosmetics line that is bringing even more options back to Black skin tones with a legacy that has proven it can and will deliver.

Sure there are many cosmetics brands out that cater to Black women, however, we honestly do need more. The Black population needs and values having options, especially when there was a time when there were no options less than one hundred years ago.

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