LaQuan Smith Making Fashion History Becoming 1st Fashion Show at Empire State Building

LaQuan Smith‘s latest fashion show for Spring/Summer 2022 during NY Fashion Week will be the first to take place in New York’s Empire State Building. This mega iconic historical fashion event will take place on September 9th, and this partnership between LaQuan Smith and the Empire State Building will only add to the shattering of glass ceiling moves he is making with is fashions.

In a quote from the press release: “Showing at the Empire State Building this season is a huge moment in fashion, not only for the brand but it holds a very special place in my heart,” said Smith. “I am born and raised in New York and to be able to show my Spring/Summer 2022 collection at the icon of New York City really feels like a full circle moment for me. The Empire State Building celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, and I will be the first designer in history to host a show there. The timing just felt so right to celebrate not only its 90th anniversary but also a revival of fashion and live runway shows in New York City.”

One of the latest moves LaQuan Smith has made is with the brand Puma. LaQuan Smith revealed to Justin Sylvester of NYFW that he is “very excited about this project and I’ve always wanted to do something with an athletic brand and I just can’t wait to reveal more.” One thing, LaQuan Smith isn’t is intimidated to bring his fresh ideas to Puma, and why would he be?

He has stood behind his brand and his style for years, and it was because of his determination and unique style that he has made it this far, turning heads with his awesome designs.

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