SAY WHAT NOW? Angela of Reality Show LA Hair Wants the MULLET Back In Style!

by admin on 05/22/2014

So we all know Angela with from the hit reality show L.A. Hair who does dynamite hair while bringing the best attitude on the show. Well, she was speaking at the L.A. Hair Season 3 premiere party about makeup, hair and what hairstyle she wants to come back. Any guesses what that hairstyle would be? The tragic MULLET!

I know, I flipped out as well, but she apparently knows what we don’t know because she thinks it’s hot! Not only that, Angela believes that Rihanna would be the perfect person to bring back that short top long in the back hair trend. Question – is she right or dead wrong for making the MULLET the hair comeback?

I say, if anyone can trend the MULLET, she deserves to be the top hair stylist in the nation! Go for it, Angela!

Video courtesy of Maximotv

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