Get EXCLUSIVE LOOK At H&M’s Autumn Campaign 2013 For David Beckham’s Bodywear Collection 2013!

by admin on 08/20/2013

David Beckham is super at his job, and one can tell when looking at the behind the scenes photo shoot for the H&M Autumn Campaign 2013. Followers of fashion and those who don’t follow both know that David Beckham is an eye catcher for the Bodywear collection 2013, so take a look. Watch your eyes.

It looks like Beckham and the fashion crew have taken over a gym/shower/bath-ish place for the set, and from the angles of the shots, it looks like total bodywear perfection.

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Lauritha December 21, 2015 at 3:44 AM

“what did Beckham do tonight?”…could it have been that he has becmoe a little bitch himself now that he isn’t in the England mix…we’re starting to see a little less of good David and a little more of whinny David…just sayin’

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