“RACIST ACTS”: Naomi Campbell Speaks Her TRUTH On The Modeling Industry!

by admin on 09/18/2013

Naomi CampbellComing from the most known model around the world, Naomi Campbell, the modeling industry still does have a problem with RACIST ACTS. In an interview, Naomi Campbell discusses the racists acts that go on behind the scenes prior to the big show which places the black model, in many instances, no where to be found on the runway.

Watch Naomi Campbell explain that over her years in the industry which she knows all too well, that many racists acts go on, directly or indirectly, that basically prevent models of color from showcasing their skill because they are overlooked for models lighter skin.

Will this ever change? In my opinion, the only thing that will change this attitude or selection process is when more African/ African American/Asian etc designers top the fashion charts with their designs. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if the selectors don’t feel great about how black models look while including the model’s skill, then they will forever be guilty of those potentially racist acts of which Naomi Campbell speaks.  For the record, Naomi is right.

I love the way she explained herself in this interview when the interviewer attempted to hem her up.

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