Uncomfortable In That Bathing Suit? WERK It Anyway!

by admin on 06/02/2014

So we all know what the world of thin walking and crap talking can be like when it comes to a woman’s body image, esteem and the way people perceive when walking down a runway or not. Well #suityourself is about owning yourself, and the folks over at HLN invited Cassie Young of The Bert Show to explain the importance of loving your own shape and making it happen regardless for bathing suit season.

No, absolutely none of our bodies are perfect, but all of us can create our own runway! WERK! My own advice is to figure out what looks best on you when it comes to choice of swimsuit gear, and if you don’t know on sight, then take the time to try several on. Whether you are big or small framed, there is a bathing suit just for you this summer!

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