Take A Look – H&M’s Men’s AW2014 Collection

2 June 2014

Coming to all this September is the new H&M Men’s Autumn Winter 2014 collection, and at first glance, there is that European look with a leather biker feel. The pieces are really laid back and confident at the same time, and I’m favorable toward the way the pieces mix with each other – no nonsense […]

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Get EXCLUSIVE LOOK At H&M’s Autumn Campaign 2013 For David Beckham’s Bodywear Collection 2013!

20 August 2013

David Beckham is super at his job, and one can tell when looking at the behind the scenes photo shoot for the H&M Autumn Campaign 2013. Followers of fashion and those who don’t follow both know that David Beckham is an eye catcher for the Bodywear collection 2013, so take a look. Watch your eyes. […]

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What The Music For Hennes and Mauritz?

4 July 2013

Taking place in the country I used to live and still love…watch Hennes and Mauritz (H&M) Germany take in the music with makeup and fashions while at the Hurricane Festival of 2013. Tweet Share

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